Using stories@scale to refresh a brand's proposition

Learn how we helped a consumer tech company to build a hyper-targeted proposition for an audience which is in maximum sync with the brand

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Our tech client wanted to take a big leap in the edutech sector. But with a difference. Not to give in to the digital wave but bring in concepts of synced learning between the brain developing instinct, cognition & the motor skills of the child.


Our approach was not transactional questions. It was about listening to remarkable stories of our consumers which made them ‘tip over’ to a category adoption. Identify the critical incidents across multiple stories, find patterns & see which CIs, stories are most scalable. Bring the archetypes alive & validate them in a quant.


Qual Data Deconstruction Style: Our story presentation was in phases: Each of the stories were deconstructed into the context, influence, trigger & barrier towards the category & brands, motivators influencing the zero / first moment of truth, & the reinforcers which help repeat associations. However, these are no more 20+ stories but reconstructed to the 4 mega stories which can be scaled.

Qual Data Aggregation Style: The reconstruction is aided by our ability to find & present critical incidents. Incidents which are remarkable and poised to tip over a person to buy something new. Incidents along with the stereotypes being reinforced or broken. More so, what really enamours the client is our aggregation towards a few archetypes.

Quant Data Interrogation Style: Now imagine these archetypes & concise stories are being distributed in a quant and people expressing their empathies with one of them. So we size segments not on attributes but on the real human stories


  • Stories presented in a parametric fashion
  • Critical Incident presentation
  • Break or Reinforce a Stereotype
  • Enabled a test relaunch (client feedback / actions)
  • Quant sizing of archetypes post the test relaunch
  • Value addition for the hard relaunch


Decision to move ahead with a test relaunch in Aug 2021:

Client redesigned a few things and went ahead with the test relaunch in Aug 2021 (largely based on the immersive story-telling exercise based on consumer narratives)

Decision to move from a free offer (2020) to a priced offer (2021+):

It serves a great insight which came from one consumer. “If its free, I would have doubts about the quality of it. However, its great if its free as well." Our recommendation to go for a priced one is to exactly mitigate those doubts and not fall for ‘let's promote trials thru a free offering for the first few periods’.

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