About Us

We are a consumer (research) enabled consulting firm. We co-create insights & analytics solutions specific to your business needs, However, we don’t stop at just research data & reports. We mix evidence & experience to recommend business actions.

Our Mission

Every consumer interrogation should be contextual, should look out for spontaneity. We need to go beyond the claimed & connect the dots with passive data sources. Collaborate & experiment with NLP, AI & Tech to collect passive data, Use best of marketing frameworks to make our data actionable Every recommendation should pass the ROI test


We are a consumer (research) enabled consulting firm. We transform every research to a statement for your brand. Our respect for people’s wisdom can become the source of your brand’s : -

  • Differentiation
  • Competitive advantage
  • Return on Investment
  • We believe good is useless, it’s only the great ones who survive
  • We validate all our ‘good to great’ recommendations
  • We help your brand to become ruthlessly consumer-centric

The Team Behind Brand Eigen

Market researchers & innovation marketers are together at BrandEigen Experiences in products, services, media across developed & emerging markets help.

We have enabled 100+ (re)launches & supported 100+ P&Ls of brands 20+ years of trial & error have shaped our perspectives, And last 5+ years – it’s been all digital & e-com So, trust us to bring the consumer in your board room

Experienced team

Arindam Som

20+ years of experience in Consumer & Market Insights | Pioneering in-context research & data enabled consulting. Created foundations for bn $ brands for Health & Wellness at GSK, Home & Personal Care at Unilever. | Strategic Advisor to new-age research firms | Recognised for Digital, E-Com research innovations. Find out More About him on Linkedin

Sanyukta Sachdeva

4+ years of experience in the Insights industry.Brands and businesses have always lauded her client servicing skills. She has the tendency to go beyond the brief and deliver the best consumer experiences to our clients. Find out More About her on Linkedin

Sonali Kohli

She would be one of the few who has chosen marketing & data science over her LLB (law) profession. As a result, her perspectives on research and content are fresh. She brings in the much-needed zing which we require badly in MR. Find out More About her on Linkedin


Lets start Curating

Because they are hard, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept one we are.