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Remarkable consumer stories create the foundation for remarkable brand launches. A doctor’s favourite multivitamin brand, Supradyn wants to break open the market and become a favourite among its end consumers. That gives BrandEigen the opportunities to hunt for stories of critical transition to adopt products amidst the daily immunity and energy issues of Indians.


One… what’s usual is when we try to get all the ethnographic stories, doctors & nutritionists advices, quant claim validations, etc.

What’s unusual is when research agencies plug data into validated marketing models to identify the need for behaviour change and myth disruption.

Early on thru a Market Development workshop facilitated by BrandEigen, Supradyn and us knew we had to embark a myth breaking journey rather than an equity building advertising for its relaunch.

This is the genesis of effective story telling when we know what kind of stories to hunt for.


Second is to spot the myth, check the possibilities of disrupting the myth and breaking the inertia among certain communities. For this, we need to go to the most unnatural of places and adopt a immersive story listening approach, rather than sticking to the transactional interview styles.

Meeting up with nutritionists who were vouching for plant based nutrition and supplements were our gold mine. The myth of nutrition adequacy of Indian meals and their intent to break this myth became our rallying cry as well.

This is how we get real stories.


Third is to scale up. Transform micro stories to one mega story & then go for a large scale validation. Match patterns to craft the mega story which has proof of success in today’s age.

We co-created the diet inadequacy mega claim from various possibilities arising from our data. Then validated among engaged professionals in e-conversation platforms so that it’s all contextual.

This is how we make stories big. We don't just leave it to the art of it but build the logic for why they can become big.


Fourth is how we prove the potential of its efficiency. We deep dive into contemporary case studies of brands of whom we know the financials. Our attempt is to simulate a similar scenario and embed the RoI of this mega story in the financials of the client brand. That's how we build efficiencies in effective story telling.


There was this realisation when we talked about the 70% nutrition inadequacy message during our concept recycling stage. There was that frustration among nutritionists who seems to be banging on the wall trying to convince their clients that our Indian diet is not enough, we need supplements. And when the same thing got validated in a quant survey among the doctors, we knew we had hit it big.

An advertisement which was meant for digital media only (Youtube, Hotstar, FB, Insta and Google Search) had within a few weeks, turned into TV advertisement for a bigger bang.

Its great that the ad brief became all about market development. Focused on getting new users. It was not about the usual equity & emotional messaging. It was not about share gain. Even one notch above, was the fact that it all became about behaviour change. Disruption of myth is one of the most proven approach to deliver behaviour change

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